History of the IKFB e.V.

The International Club for French Bulldogs (Internationaler Klub für Französische Bulldoggen e.V.) was established in 1909 and soon afterward a lot of breeders and enthusiasts became members of this club. Previously breeders of this new breed were members of other different clubs but now the special club, which was at first called the »Internationaler Bouledogue-Francais Club« (IBFC) looked after this breed and determined its way in Germany.Monatsblätter 1925-1927

There were always small groups of breeders isolated from the IKFB but their breeding programs never had an influence on this breed.


The successful work of the IKFB is documented in the stud books. Volume I was published in 1913 with 306 entries, followed by volume II-IV in 1924 and just now volume LII was published for the breeders with the entries 18344-18502.

Französische BulldoggenVery soon after its formation the German club became a part of the worldwide specialty clubs of French Bulldogs. The members of the club determined the international breed standard for French Bulldogs together with other partners from Austria, Switzerland, England, France and the USA in 1912.

From that time on the IBFC played an important part on the national stage and also became an important member internationally.

The success of German breeding impressed the world but World War I destroyed much, and slowed the development of this club. International connections were interrupted and the IBFC only could try to maintain the circle of enthusiasts and breeders.

In 1915 the club had had to be renamed in complete German language. From then on the »Internationaler Bouledogue-Francais Club« had to be called »Internationaler Klub für Französische Bulldoggen« IKFB.


After the hard years of war and the calamitous monetary inflation the IKFB rose up and gained more and more new breeders and enthusiasts. Until 1930 the numbers of kennels and puppies grew immensely so that there was fear of a mass breeding of French Bulldogs in Germany. But suddenly the public interest changed and the danger was averted.

After 1933 the political situation in Germany had influence on the »dog-world« and in consequence on the IKFB too.

The IKFB had had to change its name a second time into »Fachschaft für Französische Bulldoggen« a part of Reichsverband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (National Association for German Kennels). Despite of difficult circumstances and limited financial possibilities the IKFB maintained a maximum of independence.


And than came World War II. Today no one can comprehend that during the fire of war in Europe with so much death and disaster regular breeding of French Bulldogs in Germany existed at all. Even at times when people suffered and perished from famine, stats about puppies were written into the stud book.Französische Bulldogge

After the war Germany was destroyed and was split between the allied forces. Borders of zones and traumatic experiences inhibited human contact and the bad supply of necessary goods and services forced the people to struggle for their own survival.

There was very little room in people's minds for the luxury of breeding dogs. However already in 1949 the IKFB stud book volume XVII with the entries 10903-11650 was published. The IKFB rose like a phoenix!

Unfortunately in the same year of 1949 the division of Germany into west and east ended this development and limited the sphere of action of the IKFB to the Federal Republic of Germany(FRG, West Germany). The international contacts revived and soon international blood lines became important for the German breeding. The results showed that the German breeding returned to its former greatness and the IKFB was on the way to regain its place in international breeding.


Since 1978 the IKFB has organized an annual club championship show, and so it provides a sound basis to show to all enthusiasts of French Bulldogs the best results of breeding in Europe.

The reunification of Germany in 1990 brought the breeders of the GDR (East Germany) back to the IKFB. They quickly became important members of the breeder's community.

To support the most important breeding goals of health and vitality of this breed the IKFB established in 1991 »breeding soundness examinations«. These examinations take place several times a year and are accompanied by a breeding commission and a veterinarian. This examination is the basic requirement for breeding a dog.


The new FCI-standard for French Bulldogs has a great influence on the breeding today. In particular, this new standard ended the discussion of permission of fawns in Europe in due to the new definition of coat colours.

We could not have predicted the enormous influence of the opening of the European borders and the new media, esp. the internet, on the present and future of our breed.

Already in 1930 the responsible leaders of the IKFB were afraid of mass breeding of French Bulldogs and today we have to consider that this early fear is coming true. In Germany the Bully is already a fashion victim.

The demand for and supply of puppies are exploding. Puppies are flooding Germany across the borders in boxes and in auto trunks. They are bestsellers on dog markets in east European countries.

The internet is an acceptable platform for disreputable clubs, »breeders« and dog dealers or brokers. »Special breeders« are intentionally breeding dogs unapproved colours and offer their products with extremely high prices convincing their clients with impressive pictures.

Französische BulldoggeIn this case the IKFB has to stand solid as a rock and convince all enthusiasts of this breed of the importance of breed quality and its health standards.

In 2009 the IKFB celebrated its 100th anniversary. But after all celebrations the club and all breeders have to look ahead and save all the achievements from the past into the future. The breeding aims of the International Club for French Bulldogs (Internationaler Klub für Französische Bulldoggen e.V.) should always be health, vitality and compliance with the FCI-standard.






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