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Welcome to the site of the International Club for French Bulldogs (Internationaler Klub für Französische Bulldoggen e.V.). We would like to give you some information about the club and the French Bulldogs in Germany - enjoy reading!


The aim of the club in pursuance of our articles is the pure breeding of the breed. The basic principal of our activities is conservation and consolidation of this breed in its purity, its character and its perfect appearance. In accord with this aims the club supports all efforts to fulfill this purpose.

Beautiful words - but in reality not easy to accomplish.

However we have succeeded in maintaining the breed and the club for more than 100 years thanks to a lot of idealism of our active members and breeders.

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At hte present time the club has about 700 members and approximately 100 breeders. Both groups have different interests. Members who are only owners expect a nice opportunities with possibilities to talk a lot about their dogs. Some of them also like showing their dogs on well organized exhibitions.

Breeders are expecting from the IKFB a smooth running of the programs supporting breeding. That means skilled responsible persons for breeding, orders of breeding, consulting, pedigrees and much more.

This work is exclusively done by volunteer members. They spend a lot of time and money because they love French Bulldogs and want to assure the further existence of this lovely breed.














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Contact Information

IKFB - commitee's office:
Gabriele van Hüth
Im Westerfeld 26
D - 46459 Rees
Tel: +49 (0)28 51-96 53 34
E-Mail: geschaeftsstelle@ikfb.de
Studbookkeeper, puppies + studs:
Dagmar Cansevin
Fasanengärten 16
71397 Leutenbach
Tel : +49 (0)71 95- 97 96 49
E-Mail: zuchtbuchamt@ikfb.de